At the end of June (I know it only took me forever to post all these pictures), my family and I traveled to Victoria and Vancouver, BC for a couple of days. I have been there many times before, however, we wanted to return because there were some new, cool places we discovered that are worth the trip up.


We arrived in Victoria in the late afternoon. We spent the rest of the day to exploring downtown, taking pictures, and looking for cool places to visit the next day. The sunset hit the city in the most gorgeous way. Flowers and plants covered the city. It was beautiful. The weather was a bit chilly, but people still rode their bikes and walked. Victoria was alive and its energy was infectious.



The first place we visited was The Butchart Gardens. My parents visited the garden when they were pregnant with me and growing up, I heard many wonderful things about it. Now, I am proud to say I am a person that has been to The Butchart Gardens 🙂


This is the iconic picture of the gardens, so of course when I visited I needed to take my own picture! (Darn that random lady ruining the picture!)



The Gardens was more than acres of just flowers. They had an awesome giant water fountain that did amazing tricks and a merry-go-round with big horses (not the one pictured below). There were also many cool sculptures in the various gardens.


One of my favorite gardens was the Rose Garden. I am not a rose person (they are too much of a cliche for me) but it easily stole the show. There were also many different types of roses (which I did not know) clearly labeled with their name and origin. All the roses were clearly different from each other. Each one of them was unique and almost too pretty to be true. Many of them were planted by famous celebrities, like Miranda Lambert.


The gardens were amazing! It was huge (the Gardens covers more than 55-acres of a 130-acre estate) and flowers bloomed everywhere. It was gorgeous. I could easily spend a day here, admiring everything and taking pictures. There were many cool vibrant flowers that I have never seen before. The gardens lived up to their name…



On the way out of the Butchart Gardens, I wanted to stop by the Victoria Butterfly Gardens. Many recommended this place online and it looked like a must-stop! I mean who doesn’t love butterflies? The garden was even better in real life…it was an area where butterflies flew freely all around you! There were so many butterflies. What was really cool was that they could (and probably will) land on you! It was amazing!


In addition to butterflies, the garden also has many different animals freely walking and flying around. They were in no cage and could go anywhere they want. I really felt like I was living with them.


One of my favorite animals there were the tortoises. Some were sun basking while others dipped themselves in the pool. They were so cute! I was completely obsessed and probably spend a good hour admiring them.


Parrots also lived alongside the butterflies…why don’t the parrots eat the butterflies? Because the butterflies tasted bad so the parrots knew better than to eat them.



We then visited the Royal British Columbia Museum in downtown Victoria. I am not a museum kind of person but this museum was really cool. The museum had amazing displays. In the natural history section, the displays looked you were really in the forest or the wetland. While the human history section was very informative but kept me interested.



The last place we visited in Victoria was Miniature World. It was interesting. I thought they made it sound a lot cooler in the advertisements. Miniature World is basically many dioramas. Don’t get me wrong they were very cool and very detailed but it was just dioramas. I was a bit disappointed but there were so so many that made admission worth it.



The last stop on our trip was the Capilano Suspension Bridge in Vancouver, BC. This was the whole reason we traveled to BC…I have seen this place on so many Instagram posts that I had to come visit.


The suspension bridge was very cool. It was as long and wobbly as you would expect. On the first time over, I was walking behind some girls that thought it would be funny to walk heavy and stomp around…it was not funny. I was so scared!


Once you reach the other side of the suspension bridge, a whole new world opened up including Treetops Adventures, which was “bridges” built in trees. It was not as scary as the suspension bridge and just as fun! You were walking high off the ground in the trees.



On the way back across the suspension bridge, it was less scary. I even took pictures!


The canyon below was amazing!


The trip was fun! It was a lot different than the other times I have visited this area. I am happy to check the Capillo Suspension Bridge off my bucket list. My favorite part of the entire vacation was probably the Victoria Butterfly Gardens! It was such a cool experience…one I think would not be done just anywhere! If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend the Butterfly Gardens. Have you been to BC? What are some of your recommendations?


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