October 2017 Goals

October is here! It’s pretty crazy how fast 2017 has been flying by. It’s also crazy that I have been taking a one-second video (almost) every day…I don’t think I have kept up with a journal for this long before!

Anyways, we are also officially in my (and probably everyone else’s) favorite season!!! It is strange that I like fall though…I don’t like the cold or spiced things but somehow it has found a way into my heart ❤


I don’t have much planned for October. It is my boyfriend’s birthday month so that’s exciting 😀 Halloween is also this month. We are not going trick-or-treating though (we decided it would look creepy to go without kids haha). We’ll find another way to celebrate! Also, I will be studying hard this month…midterms is next week! YAY!!! Haha besides these exciting plans, I have some goals I am attempting to complete.

  • Go to the pumpkin patch

I haven’t been to the pumpkin patch since my field trip in kindergarten. All I remember was that it was cold and my pumpkin was heavy haha. Now that I have a great boyfriend that will carry the pumpkin and know how to dress in layers, I am very excited to go back. I am going to carve a pumpkin, go through the corn maze, pet the barn animals, and eat cotton candy 😀

  • Read a book to celebrate National Book Month

October is National Book Month. I love books! I love escaping and seeing life through someone’s mind. I used to read all the time, but with school and work and life, I don’t get a chance to read (what I want) as often. Every time I finish a book now, I always crave for more. My goal this month is to start a book…with so much going on, I will be making very slow progress. Starting is the first step!


  • Attend a fitness class on campus

I have always heard such good things about working out with other people…how it motivates you more and makes it more exciting. However, I am too scared haha. It is extremely silly but I always come up with some excuse not to attend. I hope this month I can make the jump and attend a class 🙂

  • Write and publish blog posts consistently on schedule

I’ve decided to not just post travel photos once a while on this blog. I want to turn ‘Cotton and Hydrangeas’ into a lifestyle/travel blog. I have some posts planned out for the month. I hope to write and publish them consistently once a week on Saturday/Sunday and every other week on Wednesday/Thursday.

  • Research more cruelty-free, vegan, natural skincare and makeup products

Ever since I started wearing makeup, I have always wanted to have a cruelty-free and vegan routine. I haven’t always stuck to that philosophy. I get things my mom doesn’t want and I hear such great reviews about other products that I have to try. Currently, most of my products are running low and I don’t love everything I am using. So I think now is the perfect time to find more cruelty-free brands and products to use. I have a few favorite brands, but I would love to find even more.


  • Clean closet

My closet is kind of a mess right now. I haven’t been putting my clothes in neatly and I have no real place for most items. I have been meaning to clean and reorganize it for the longest time. I also have some stuff I never wear so I hope to donate them and have more space.

  • Workout on a regular basis

I need to start working out again. I stopped sometime late last year or early this year…and I can’t seem to find the motivation to start again. Working out really helped my mental and physical health. I had a lot more energy and it was relaxing for me. I hope to start again this month with my favorite activity…running 😀


  • Do a thing that scares me/something that I wouldn’t normally do

I have always admired those people that do a thing a day that scares them…like wow! It’s pretty amazing in my mind. I know I cannot do that forever (or a month straight), but a thing a month seems more than reasonable. Disclaimer: it might not be something exciting…like saying no to sucky projects to my boss or asking for something I am scared to or presenting to a public audience

It is not a lot of goals so hopefully I will be able to complete most of them. The biggest problem, I think, is just remembering them. I have a feeling October will be a great month! What are some of your goals this month? Do you have any Halloween plans?


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