Pumpkin Patch Day!

Pumpkin Patch Day!

This fall, my boyfriend and I finally made went to the pumpkin patch! It was such a great way to welcome fall. It is my favorite season and there’s no more fall-y activity then visiting the pumpkin patch, right? Looking back at these photos, I remember all the wonderful memories I made with my boyfriend…every adventure with him makes me feel so grateful and lucky to have such a handsome human in my life.

I was very very excited to go to the pumpkin patch. I haven’t been since my kindergarten field trip. I didn’t know what to expect of the adventure! The farm turned out to be really big. It had so many activities, including barn animals, mazes, pumpkin launch, and the pumpkin patch. After the morning there, I could see why the farm is so popular.


In the background, there was live country music. It was upbeat and matched the farm’s atmosphere. The band did a wonderful job and they even told some jokes haha. There was also lots of food options. I was super excited for the cotton candy (which I inhaled in a couple of minutes), caramel popcorn, and the snow cones.


I misread the opening hours so my boyfriend and I waited for about an hour until the entrance was open. It was really cold, so immediately after we got in hot chocolate was in our hands. It was delicious but we couldn’t do much holding them. The bale maze was one of the few options we had. It was really challenging (haha jk). We had such a fun time running around and pretending to be lost!


I crawled through that tube! It was tiny (kids could run through it…) and wet and cold. I felt super silly and was laughing the entire way through.


Finally, when we finished our drinks and we could go see the barn animals! There were goats… lots of hungry goats. There was a feeder for us to buy food for them. The goats knew that so they would run up to us wanting food only to be disappointed haha


One of my favorite pictures ❤ The goat is just so cute!



The barn also had a couple of donkeys, turkeys, and chickens around.


The piglets were my favorite barn animal there! They were so cute! I stood there forever watching them and taking pictures. I have so many pig pictures it’s a bit sad. Also, the farm was feeding the pigs ham (or bacon…some pork meat). They didn’t know they were eating their relatives 😦


The corn maze was huge! It was 4 acres and it took us forever to go through it. We walked in so many circles. After a while, my boyfriend and I started following other people to get out of there. They gave us a ‘do this at your own risk’ flyer with a tiny map on the way in and so many people used the map to navigate through the maze…LAME!


While in the corn maze, a flock of geese flew overhead us. It was a spectacular sight. There was so many and they were so loud.


The farm also had a pumpkin launch! The goal was to make the tiny pumpkins into a barrel far away. Neither I or my boyfriend made it in there but we had lots of fun trying!


The last stop of the day was the pumpkin patch. We waited in line forever to get on the tractor that would take us to the patch (it was quite far away). When we got there, I was in awe at how big the patch was and how many pumpkins there were. We had a hard time finding the perfect pumpkin but eventually, we did!


Me holding not my pumpkin (mine was too heavy for me to lift haha)


Walking around on the patch, Mount St. Helens was in the background! It was so beautiful! This is what the living in the PNW is like. It’s the cloud in the picture above 😉

I had such a great time at the patch! The day warmed up and ended up being perfect. I would add a picture of our carved pumpkin to this post but we didn’t finish craving them before they went bad. We craved the pumpkins a couple of days after the patch but didn’t finish. A couple of days (maybe a week later) when we were about to finish carving the pumpkins, they went bad. Haha, we are so slow! Have you been to the pumpkin patch or craved any pumpkins this year?


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6 thoughts on “Pumpkin Patch Day!

  1. Your post was adorable and I loved all your pictures! Your day looked amazing and going to the pumpkin patch is a perfect fall date idea with someone. I just wish I lived closer to one now that I am in college they aren’t as close as if I were at home. Loved the idea and looking forward to see what other adventures you and your boyfriend have within the next couple months with the holidays coming up.

    megan | MySprinkleofPrep.wordpress.com


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