Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Him numbered

Thanksgiving is over! It is finally appropriate to play Christmas music, put up Christmas decorations, and watching Christmas movies. Don’t get me wrong–I like Christmas, but in appropriate quantities, and playing Christmas music too early is not it. I think I was traumatized in my school years when I would practice Christmas music from October, every day for an hour for 2 months…

Anyways, moving away from my Christmas rant, there are some people in life that are a bit on the difficult side to shop for or you just need a little of inspiration to find the perfect gift for them. I find gift guides so helpful so I will be posting a gift guide every weekend now to Christmas. I have decided to start off with gifts for him. When I was looking for gifts, I was thinking of boyfriend gifts but these can really be given to any male in your life (brother, friend, dad, grandpa). Oh, and I already got a gift for my boyfriend. I didn’t include it in the guide so hey love no spoilers haha.

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Faux Mermaid Braid


I love doing hair. I cut my hair short a couple of years ago and now it is finally long enough where I can do fun braids again. I recently did a braid I haven’t done in a while, the mermaid braid. I remember when my friend did the braid when I was in middle school and I was in awe of how she did it.

The mermaid braid is two normal 3-strand braids combined into one, usually held together by bobby pins. I have learned an easier way that doesn’t involve pesty pins and the constant fear of them coming out (because I don’t really know how to use bobby pins like I should).

faux mermaid braid

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Making a Difference on Earth


Last weekend, I volunteered at a local tree planting event. Many people helped plant trees, some taught others how to plant trees, while others ran the booths. I took pictures of the event 🙂

I had loads of fun! It was the first time I have been to a big planting event and the first time I have ever photographed an event. It was a pretty exciting day. It felt good to give back to the Earth and the community.

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