Making a Difference on Earth


Last weekend, I volunteered at a local tree planting event. Many people helped plant trees, some taught others how to plant trees, while others ran the booths. I took pictures of the event 🙂

I had loads of fun! It was the first time I have been to a big planting event and the first time I have ever photographed an event. It was a pretty exciting day. It felt good to give back to the Earth and the community.


This tree planting event was hosted by the same company that taught the workshops I have been attending for the past month (it’s how I knew about the event). The workshop series teaches the local community about the local plants and animals and the health of the local streams and watershed and how to help restore them. The goal of restoring the watershed is to bring wild salmon back to the area. Salmon used to abundant in the area before the agriculture and urbanization. Currently, all the salmon in the Pacific Northwest is listed as Threatened or Endangered under the Endangered Species Act. This event will be a very small part in helping them recover their population.



Trees were planted near a creek. The creek is part of the watershed that is being restored. The planted trees will help stabilize the banks, filter pollutants and chemicals before they reach the water, and create cool water for salmon and other species to survive.


The different flags show the variety of trees that will be planted. There were A LOT of different types of trees, like Douglas Fir and Maple.


So many (150) volunteers showed up! Some classmates from my university were also there to lend a hand 🙂



A booth at the event educated the public about the invasive species in the area, ways to remove them, and how to help. Another booth gave the kids (and kids at heart) a chance to decorate scales for the mascot, Sammy the Salmon. You can also make a button (I made one!).





Some event sponsors were also there. They had delicious freshly-baked cookies, loafs of bread, stickers, sunglasses, and cookies. I really wanted a sticker, but instead, when I spun the wheel, I got sunglasses. My boyfriend and classmate tried to get me a sticker but they both failed haha


I didn’t charge my camera the night before the event. I know, very professional, but my camera said it was fully charged. It died as soon as people were heading down to start planting, so the rest of my pictures were taken with my cell phone.


Tons of kids helped plant trees! They had such a great time. I wish I knew about this event when I was younger. Who knew tree planting could be a family-friendly activity? 🙂





Over 850 trees planted by amazing volunteers! They did an amazing job and the trees will really help the creek.


I can’t wrap my head around how many people helped make a difference that day! It was very inspirational to see everyone interested in bettering our environment. A difference was definitely made. The 850+ trees planted will create habitat, encourage salmon back, and help improve our air quality. This event was a small part of something much bigger. Even though I didn’t directly plant any trees, I know my pictures will encourage other families to come out next time. I was definitely encouraged haha. My boyfriend and I will return to help plant some trees next time (hopefully I won’t kill any haha). Have you ever been to a tree-planting event? What has been your favorite volunteering event?




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