12 Things | November


Happy November! I got this idea from Aspyn Ovard…the point is to just write 12 things. Pretty easy right?

november 12 things

1. So Taylor Swift’s new album, Reputation, just came out…to be honest, I like her other work better. Still, I really like Gorgeous, Call It What You Want, and New Year’s Day. Reputation is really nothing like she has done before. It is dark and edgy. Reputation will still be blasting and maybe I will like it more then. Also, Niall Horan (Flicker) and Grace Vanderwall (It’s Just The Beginning) released their new albums a couple of weeks ago. I was pretty stoked for Niall’s Flicker. All his singles have captured my heart. The album did not disappoint. I really like the way he has taken his solo career (not that I am opposed to One Direction getting back together). One of the few musicians my boyfriend and I both like is Grace. It’s hard to imagine she is just 13 years old…she has such an old soul. Her album was also nothing short of amazing ❤

2. I have officially enrolled in spring classes! Whop whop! I was a bit stressed this time around. I recently decided to complete the PeaceCorps Prep Program to increase my competitiveness for the volunteer program. It was a bit hard making decisions and trying to fit all those classes in. I have finally decided that I will be taking Marine Biology, General Ecology, Family Diversity, and Technical & Prof Writing in the spring. Also, I just learned that my brother and I have yet another class together…

3. I had the first of three presentations last Thursday (why are all my presentations clumped at the end of the semester?). It was a real blur! I didn’t actually say my lines out loud before the presentation. I just went over them in my head and I do not recommend doing that. I felt so unprepared. I haven’t started other two presentations yet…but I will definitely practice my lines next time.

4. My mom’s birthday was last Friday (happy birthday again mom!). My dad wasn’t home to celebrate so my brother and I did some of her errands and chores, made her a birthday dinner (Vietnamese Crab Noodle Soup, her favorite), and played some cards. I got my mom her favorite flower, an orchid, and my brother got her some Vietnamese games and nice gold, shiny, plastic playing cards. I really liked the cards!

5. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day. I want to thank all the current and past military personnel serving our country. Thank you for protecting us!

6. Speaking of holidays, Thanksgiving is just around the corner! My family doesn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving so I usually volunteer at a food bank. This year, the food bank I normally volunteer at is not doing their usual Thanksgiving service so I have no plans.

20171011_163111 20171011_162210

7. In addition to it being my mom’s birthday, it was also mine and my boyfriend’s 1.5 years anniversary (happy anniversary again love!). We didn’t do much to celebrate but enjoyed each other’s company. It’s hard to imagine I’ve spent a year and a half with the perfect human. I felt like we just met and feel like I have known him for my entire life. ❤

8. 3 more weeks until finals. Is it too early to stress out? At least I only have 2 finals for 4 classes this semester. I am done with my classes. The semester calendar sucks–it is such a long time (3.5 months?) to take a class. I am in real need of Thanksgiving break, but first I have to get past my 2 tests this week…I am definitely stressing out (and hardly studying) for them.

9. It’s almost my birthday! Whop whop! I will be 20! It’s crazy that I am that old. I probably won’t do much…maybe I’ll bake myself a birthday cake 🙂

10. I just went birthday shopping today with my mom! I recently decided I want to try having a capsule wardrobe. I have always thought it was such a great idea. I am a strong believer in living simpler and minimalist-ly. I don’t wear a lot of my stuff so why have them? I want clothes I truly love and will use in my closet. My mom was so awesome today and helped me pick out some staple pieces I didn’t have.

11. My boyfriend and I are having a board game night this week with some of our friends. I am so excited! Game nights are always so much fun. It also looks like there is a lot of people coming (6 people? Haha a lot to our standards). We have been trying so hard to find people that love game nights as much as we do and I am extremely happy we found some. I hope we play Monopoly but no one likes it because it takes so long…

12. It’s currently pouring down outside right now like it has for the past couple of weeks. I can’t even remember the last sunny day we had. The cold weather just unexpectedly hit one day and then bam…no more sun, only clouds and rain.

Wow…this post ended up being way more wordy than I expected. You’re a real trooper if you read it this far. I will stop my rambling. I hope you enjoyed this little update! It’s a pretty chill post so I might be doing more of these in the future (but less wordy)! How’s your November going?


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