Faux Mermaid Braid


I love doing hair. I cut my hair short a couple of years ago and now it is finally long enough where I can do fun braids again. I recently did a braid I haven’t done in a while, the mermaid braid. I remember when my friend did the braid when I was in middle school and I was in awe of how she did it.

The mermaid braid is two normal 3-strand braids combined into one, usually held together by bobby pins. I have learned an easier way that doesn’t involve pesty pins and the constant fear of them coming out (because I don’t really know how to use bobby pins like I should).

faux mermaid braid

  1. Brush hair.
  2. Divide the hair into 2 big sections and 1 smaller section. I usually divide my hair down the center (for the 2 big sections) and part a bit off at the bottom middle of the smaller section.
  3. Braid the 2 big sections, making sure they are close-ish together. Tie each braid off with an elastic band. Pancake the 2 braids, if desired, for a fuller, bigger braid.
  4. Weave the small section of hair through the inner half of the 2 braids, tieing the 2 braids together with an elastic band.
  5. Remove the elastic bands from the 2 braids. Pancake the now-one braid, again if desired. Fix any funny errors with bobby pins.

faux mermaid braid collage



Isn’t the mermaid braid easier than it looks? This braid is so pretty and it definitely needs more recognition. I hope you find the directions helpful (I suck at giving out instructions haha). If you are confused, feel free to leave a comment down below and tag me on Instagram or Twitter if you recreate the faux mermaid braid. Are there any hairstyles you want me to try? I love a good challenge 🙂 Happy braiding!signature

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