Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for Him numbered

Thanksgiving is over! It is finally appropriate to play Christmas music, put up Christmas decorations, and watching Christmas movies. Don’t get me wrong–I like Christmas, but in appropriate quantities, and playing Christmas music too early is not it. I think I was traumatized in my school years when I would practice Christmas music from October, every day for an hour for 2 months…

Anyways, moving away from my Christmas rant, there are some people in life that are a bit on the difficult side to shop for or you just need a little of inspiration to find the perfect gift for them. I find gift guides so helpful so I will be posting a gift guide every weekend now to Christmas. I have decided to start off with gifts for him. When I was looking for gifts, I was thinking of boyfriend gifts but these can really be given to any male in your life (brother, friend, dad, grandpa). Oh, and I already got a gift for my boyfriend. I didn’t include it in the guide so hey love no spoilers haha.

  1. Wireless earphones

I gave my brother these earphones a couple Christmases ago. At first, he was like “eeh” but now he uses them every time. They are really nice quality, have great audio, don’t fall out of your ears, and there are no tangled wires or the accidental unplug causing your music to play in the quiet library (just a casual maybe example that has happened to me).

2. Photobook

When I asked my boyfriend what is the one thing he would save from a fire, he said he would save the 1-year photo album I made to celebrate our anniversary last year. It made me realize that photobooks are a great gift for couples (or anyone). It is a great way to look back at past memories and there is something special about tangible and self-made gifts. I made my book on Shutterfly, but I found this cute Adventure Book from the movie Up that I think would be another great gift option.

3. Water bottle

One of the things I always hear is that water is important. You need to drink a lot of it every day so there’s no more caring gift than a water bottle. These water bottles will keep cold drinks will stay cold for 24 hours and hot drinks for 12 hours. It is decently sized and the wood design is so attractive.

4. Duffel bag

Suitcases can be too much for some trips and a normal backpack might not be enough. I found this awesome duffel bag that is bigger than normal and perfect for trips short enough that doesn’t need a suitcase. It can fit a lot, has a compartment for dirty laundry and shoes, and is an approved carry-on. It can also be used for the gym. This gift is perfect for the adventurers or as a “pre” gift, leading up to a trip.

5. Record player

The music lover in your life will enjoy this gift. Vinyls have a different special feel to them. My boyfriend and I would love a record player, but we both know we are too broke to invest in one and in vinyls.

6. Fleece jacket

Fleece jackets is an essential in the winter time. They are so versatile and are so warm and comfy. I am a huge fan of Columbia. I always have. This fleece looks amazing and is heavyweight with lots of pockets. It also comes in one of my favorite colors, a very beautiful forest green.

7. Beanie

My boyfriend has a lot of beanies…a lot! Haha but a nice addition to any beanie collection is a cashmere beanie. It is perfect for those very chilly days. It’s soft and lightweight. Cashmere is a great fabric and using it to make a beanie is a fabulous idea! A great gift for your beanie lovers.

8. Matching PJs

Different people have different options for matching PJs. I personally think it is such an adorable idea. I am actually not sure how my boyfriend feels about couples PJs. I think he would like the idea but he always manages to surprise me. Anyways, who cares? Gift giving is about you and what you think is great (I’m just kidding haha). I found these traditional Christmas printed PJs, perfect for Christmas morning. Because I am such a Disney fan, I think these Mickey & Minnie Mouse PJs are another great option. They are a bit more pricey, but reviews said they are comfortable 🙂

9. Fun socks

There are people in life that really need to wear fun socks but don’t. Personally, I think you can never go wrong with socks but when they are fun, it makes them that much better!

I tried to pull items the males in my life have loved. If you have any gift suggestion, leave a comment down below. I will be back next weekend with another gift guide. Enjoy the season!signature

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