October 2017 Goals

October is here! It’s pretty crazy how fast 2017 has been flying by. It’s also crazy that I have been taking a one-second video (almost) every day…I don’t think I have kept up with a journal for this long before!

Anyways, we are also officially in my (and probably everyone else’s) favorite season!!! It is strange that I like fall though…I don’t like the cold or spiced things but somehow it has found a way into my heart ❤


I don’t have much planned for October. It is my boyfriend’s birthday month so that’s exciting 😀 Halloween is also this month. We are not going trick-or-treating though (we decided it would look creepy to go without kids haha). We’ll find another way to celebrate! Also, I will be studying hard this month…midterms is next week! YAY!!! Haha besides these exciting plans, I have some goals I am attempting to complete.

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